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“Building Block” Workshops

“Building Blocks” are workshops focused on teaching selected painting processes and techniques. Each topic is a separate day-long workshop that starts with a lecture including handouts and a demo and/or slide show. After a short lunch break we do guided exercises to give you a deep understanding of the day's topic. Unlike most workshops, the goal is not to produce a painting. Instead the emphasis is on acquiring new skills that you can apply when you are painting in your studio.

Each workshop is devoted to a topic, and the topics build on each other. Some workshops may be taken separately, but the starred topics have pre-requisites as shown below under "Show Details." Workshops run from 11 - 4 and are $65 each. Some workshops have a charge for materials. Workshop size is limited to 6 students, with a minimum enrollment of 3 students. Payment must be received 2 weeks before the session is scheduled to occur. All sessions are held at my studio in southern Leelanau County.

For Pastelists

Introduction to Materials - $20 materials charge - Show Details

Designing with Values: Notan - $12 materials charge - Show Details

*Designing with Values: Color - $12 materials charge - Show Details

*Managing Your Pastel Box - Show Details

*Underpainting Methods: Grisaille - $12 materials charge - Show Details

Underpainting Methods: Color - $12 materials charge - Show Details

Making Marks - $12 materials charge - Show Details

Cancellations must be received 2 weeks in advance for a refund provided the cancellation does not cause the workshop size to drop below the minimum enrollment of 3 students. Make-ups: If you are unable to make a session that you signed up for, you may take the session at no extra charge the next time it is scheduled.

To sign up for one or more workshops, contact Candace at

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